Location Found!

A priority for us, especially living in a new city, was to find a place that we had an emotional attachment to, something that was important to us.

balboa_park_aerial_rendering_south_01_27_11_lgBalboa Park is that place.

We live on the border. It’s where we walk. It’s where we enjoy ourselves. It has awesome museums that are free on Tuesdays.



Our two favorite spots in Balboa Park, that we frequent often and show off to visiting friends, is the Rose Garden and the Spanish Village Arts Center.




A place we loved, beautiful, perfect for photos and acoustics.  We called Parks and Rec for the park, went to their nearby office, filled out a form, ran a credit card, and for $273, the Rose Garden was ours for a ceremony!

What about the reception?  Not included on the Balboa Park Website is the Spanish Village Arts Center.  It’s the most colorful place we’ve seen here — it was made for a fiesta.



Balboa-Park-Colorful-Engagement-ShootThis is not us, but there are cute spots for photos!

We loved it!  We always had.  How happy we were to find out that it was available for weddings!  We called, we met, we toured, and we signed.  $2900 for 7 hours, we get to bring in absolutely everything.  We pick the food, the tables, the music, the bar…  we wouldn’t be forced into anything.  Just how we wanted it.

Locations for ceremony and reception — DONE!

Expenses so far:



Total:  $3173.00

Left:  $6827.00

Whew!  A third of our budget gone, but on two big ticket items that we love!

What’s next?  Music? Food? What we’ll wear?  Yup, all of it.  Stay tuned!

Colin and John


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