Party Rentals (Part 3)

Our last visit was to K&J Rentals in Point Loma.

This place we visited because of the cheapest prices of all of them.  But it also had the worst of the Yelp reviews, mostly due to lack of communication from the owner, Emily.  However, since Emily answered the phone each time I called (three times), I felt this was worth a second look.  Someone had commented that her business was growing, and this may just be growing pains.  Plus, folks on Yelp are crazy and fully too entitled and lack any understanding, so I don’t pay much attention.


We met Emily at our appointment time and she was there and ready.  It’s a small showroom, but everything was displayed.

K&J offers plastic tables instead of the wooden ones of the other places, which we liked.  They were sturdier and thicker.


However, the plates and silverware were mismatched on the table — like three were one pattern, two were another, etc.  This did at least show us they had variety, but didn’t assure either of us that this isn’t what would show up at our venue.

One thing that was of note was Emily’s surprise that we were two men getting married.  When we walked in, she physically looked out the door and asked if there was anyone else (implying a woman).  I said no, it was just us.  She asked which of us was the groom.  I said that we were both grooms.  She laughed, but it wasn’t comfortable laughter.  It’s as though she didn’t know that gays could now get married, and we were certainly her first couple of customers.

The negatives were that Emily didn’t have a computer to write up a quote.  Even though we had an appointment, there was nothing we could take in writing with us.  The prices are MUCH cheaper, and we were told she’d email a quote so we gave her our email address.  She then asked if we could email her and she’d email one back tomorrow.

It hasn’t arrived even though her offices are closed, and I’ll let you know if it does.  We weren’t impressed that she didn’t seem prepared for us with a computer and a quote.  But the prices were lower enough per item (significantly) that we knew we’d be much more equipped to stay within our budget and perhaps put more towards our photographer and caterer, big expenses and our next ones to tackle.

So now we had to make a decision — who would we choose for our party rentals of our $10K Gay Wedding?


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