The Caterer

So our next step is the caterer. 

The fact that this is a wedding with a budget under $10,000, we are realistic to know that we don’t have the options of the typical wedding.


John and I thought about how we could do this.  We’d like to put our money towards a photographer


since that is what we’ll truly have the rest of our lives.  The meal is a meal. 


The cake is a cake. 


So we brainstormed and came up with what worked: 


Food Trucks.  Perfect!

John and I love food trucks.  But there were tens of tens to choose from.  We thought harder.  How would we narrow this down?

We went to and signed up for their daily email.  This let us know where each truck would be each day.  So helpful!

We reviewed their Twitter feeds and checked out the Yelps on each place. 

We live in San Diego.  Our venue, the Spanish Village Arts Center, screams Fiesta! 


We wanted to give our guests more than the typical choices.


So the answer?


Street Tacos!  Mexican.  Unique. Flavorful.  Affordable.  Done!

With that decision made, we set out to find our Taco Caterer!




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