The Decor — the centerpieces

So as we work on finding our caterer, I wanted to sidetrack a bit and talk about the decoration of our reception.  In order to stick to a budget, I’m going to introduce you to our secret weapons.

#1:  Craigslist


Specifically, their ‘Free’ and ‘Garage Sales’ section under ‘For Sale’.

You’ve hopefully got some time, so with Craigslist, it’s about patience and luck and knowing what you’re looking for.  It’s also about setting up an RSS feed to alert you when things you’re looking for are posted.

Although John and I weren’t 100% sure exactly how our decor would look, we knew we liked the go-to decor for weddings…


Of course!  Who doesn’t love mason jars.  There are blogs dedicated to crafting these things.  We knew we’d want to use these in centerpieces, like this…


or this

mason jar table numbers (we love this idea and will probably do it)

Mason jars on Amazon are $10 for 12

which is out of our range for decor.  So off to the garage sales and free sections!

Within a few weeks, we had some wonderful strokes of luck.  The first…

A local church tag sale running for the weekend.  I happened upon this on a walk around town and it was meant to be.   End of the day, they were ready to make a deal.  And what a deal I got!

20131122_162734 20131122_162744

Cobwebby, dusty, and dirty mason jars (these pictures are after they soaked in a bit of bleach and hot soapy water AND a dishwasher run before storing in old towels in crates in the basement)… but 84 of them for $5!  Five bucks!  What a great day this was, and it basically committed us to the mason jar idea.

The second was this.


Free 1 QT mason jars, larger than the smaller pint or quart (can’t remember what the others are).  And that’s 18 more right there.

18 + 84…  12 of them are very large and we have 12 tables, so…

12 large ones for centerpieces, and that leaves 90 smaller ones for…you guessed it.

indttex  drinking glasses!  These would serve as glasses for John’s ‘signature drink’, which we agreed would be sangria.  Why?  Because you can use Trader Joe’s cheap red wine for it, and it’s a Spanish venue.

So yea!  We had the luck and patience to grab these things when we could and we’ll continue to look and collect more.  I’d rather have more than less and when we’re done, we’re going to give these away as it is.  So yea!  Mason Jars!


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