The Catering Decision

So using the resources, John and I narrowed down our search.

We used the daily emails to find the meetups that had the most trucks we wanted to sample.  These were:



Mad Mantis


We also used Google and Yelp to find tacos shops that offered catering. This included:

Puesto in La Jolla


Del Mar Taco Company in North Park

CalbiBBQ was terrific as far as taste and uniqueness coupled with the familiar taco.  We didn’t see too much customization in the menu offerings with catering, so we moved on.

MadMantis didn’t get back to us in time before we made our decision, so I have no opinion on their food or offerings.

Puesto was good but for us, it lacked a ‘wow’ factor.  Their menu was limited and expensive for our needs, so we moved on.

Del Mar Taco Company we found solely on Yelp.  It’s farm-to-plate.  They have no formal site, but the reviews were good and we liked the idea that this was a new business with a new dad at the helm.  It felt right to us.  So we called and spoke to Oscar, the head of Del Mar Taco, who was helpful and kind and willing to work with us.  He offered a huge variety of foods and amenities (like guacamole, beans, rice, chips), a choice of three meats, and even flavored fruit waters.

delmar2 delmar

Oscar immediately sent over a summary of our talk and a quote, around $720.  Amazing!  All you can eat.

We only hoped that his food would taste as good as the reviews and we would have our caterer.

We went to meet Oscar at the Coronado Brewing Company (an awesome place to bring out of towners to show off SD).

He was on the ball, kind, eager and energetic, and thee food was incredible!  Even with the limited choices for that night (steak and chicken), we loved it.  John and I retreated inside for a drink and to talk about it with our visiting guests (and guests tasters) and agreed that Oscar and Del Mar Taco Company would be our choice.

In the next few days, we made some changes to the original quote — we added a 4th meat selection (in this case, fish, meaning we’d offer Carnitas, Chicken, Steak, and Fish tacos), as well as our favorite street food, bacon wrapped hot dogs!  Oscar was open to everything.

We liked all of the choices very much, the foods were all great.  We moved forward with CalbiBBQ.  Mangia Mangia was fantastic tasting and a helpful staff serving impressively flavorful foods, but their prices would unfortunately not fit in with our $10k budget.  CalbiBBQ was very good, but didn’t offer too much customization to the menu, something we really wanted.

The quote came in for under $1000 (but we have some adjustments to make so I don’t have a confirmed total).  We’re happy with it, we have confidence in this new business, it’s farm-to-plate, local, flexible, and affordable.  We’re in!

Caterer:  DONE!



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