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Our Mission: An Awesome San Diego Wedding for $10,000

Hi there!

I’m Colin –> IMG_7979<– and he’s John.

We’re a couple who met  Croppe1d here

(this is actually our first conversation)

And got engaged Hawaii here on April 27, 2012.

(Mount Haleakala in Maui at sunrise, where I proposed on one knee).

and when John said yes, we were both Wheee!

We moved to SanDiegoCA1940HMG

and settled inHillcrest,_San_Diego_Sign

(which is awesome and gay and has things like these bike racks)


and began to plan our wedding.

I knew John wanted this 4650875008_585f54c528_b

and 67

(he really likes ‘The Sound of Music’ and will be definitely watching Carrie-Underwood-Sound-Of-Music-Cover-Art-09162013-01)

but we couldn’t afford it.  So we have set out to have as awesome of a celebration as we can and stay within our set budget: tek

It seems like a lot of people on other blogs are trying to stay within this magic budget number, so we thought we’d share our journey and ideas and inspirations for planning our awesome San Diego wedding for $10,000.