Party Rentals (Part 2)

Our second visit was to Patty’s Linens Rentals in National City.


We also didn’t have an appointment (same thing, phone call said just come in).  We were immediately greeted by Patty’s daughter, also named Patty (Patricia).   Since we already had a list now from San Diego Party Rentals, this could have gone faster, but it didn’t.  This isn’t a complaint.  Patricia set up an entire table for us so we could go through tablecloth lengths; she brought out EVERY color of napkin and cloth they offered and we did side by side comparisons.  This was so helpful!


Also, this company had just finished a wedding in the Spanish Village Arts Center, and Patricia showed us about 50 pictures she took of the event as they had set it up.  She offered us assurances that there was plenty of space for the tables and ideas of where things could go.

She even stayed with us half hour after they closed on this Saturday (1pm).  She never even tried to rush us.

The quote for this same list was closer to $1400, but it would include the set up of each table completely.  They do not offer price matching, though, so that price was firm.

Trying to be as budget conscious as we could, we knew we’d have to consider each carefully to make sure we stayed under $10,000.  We certainly also considered how great our time was with Patricia and how comfortable she made us feel.

One more place to check out.


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